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SUKALAT, S.L., with address at Pº de Francia, 2 – 1º C Saint Sebastian, Tax Identification Number B-20793907, can be contacted for any issue in connection with this website, on reach at number 943-32 70 99 and/or at the e-mail box: responsablelopd@ixogrupo.com

The Web site www.ixoeditorial.com  you are at now are interactive spaces created by SUKALAT, S.L. to provide further information about its products and services.

These Websites are property of SUKALAT,  S.L. All the domain names and other intellectual property rights are owned by SUKALAT, S.L. in such a way that no content thereof shall be assigned, copied, reproduced, published, uploaded, sent, transmitted, distributed or exploited in any way, except for the use of the Web sites and their content in accordance with their purposes, allowing downloading and copies for strictly private purposes without making any other use apart from what has been set forth in these terms. Infringement of the afore-mentioned shall imply violation to copyrights and other property rights of SUKALAT, S.L. Amendment and use of the contents for purposes other than those allowed herein shall constitute violation of copyright and other property rights of SUKALAT,  S.L. For the purposes of these terms of use, the use of the contents referred herein in any other Web site or computer network is forbidden.

4.- TERM
These terms of use shall be in effect as long as they remain unchanged in the Website. SUKALAT,  S.L. reserves itself the right to alter, amend or delete them at any time. These changes shall be posted on the Web site.

The main purpose of the Web site www.ixoeditorial.com  is to provide information about SUKALAT,  S.L’s products and services.
SUKALAT, S.L. assumes the legal obligations as regards personal data protection, especially in connection with:
a) The existence of a file or treatment of personal data.
b) The purpose of data collection.
c) The recipients of the information.
d) The authoritative or compulsory nature of the questions we make.
e) The consequences of obtaining data or refusal to provide it.
f) The possibility of exercising the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition.
g) The identity and address of the person in charge of the treatment or his/her representative's.
SUKALAT, S.L. is willing to provide the user with appropriate information to decide expressly, freely and voluntarily whether he/she wants to provide the information in the required form. For this purposes, the user is informed that his/her information shall be included into an automated file, and SUKALAT, S.L., with address at Pº de Francia, 2 – 1º C, Saint Sebastian, shall be owner and responsible for such file, performing automated treatment of such information for the following purposes:
a) To find out users’ participation for statistics purposes.
b) To inform the user about the existence of products and services by SUKALAT, S.L. and/or other cooperating companies.
Unless otherwise is stated in each case, the data collected in the forms are necessary and obligatory to access the services offered in the corresponding website or website section. SUKALAT,  S.L. cannot register users that do not provide the information marked as obligatory.
The user shall fill in the forms with true, accurate and complete information, and he/she shall be responsible for the damages that might arise in case the forms are filled in incorrectly, with false, inaccurate, incomplete or outdated information. 
SUKALAT,  S.L. is committed to adopt the levels of security for the protection of personal information required by current legislation, implementing for such purposes the necessary technical and organizational measures to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and other possible risks. Among the different safety mechanisms, the password formula is applied; that is to say, a key only known by the user and SUKALAT,  S.L.
SUKALAT, S.L. also agrees to comply with the obligation of secrecy regarding the data contained in the automated file set forth in current legislation.
The user or his/her representative, as well as his/her parents or legal guardians, shall at any time exercise their right to access, rectification, cancellation and, in case, opposition in accordance with the Organic Act for Data Protection and other applicable regulations for such purposes, by sending a written notice to SUKALAT, S.L. to the aforementioned addresses, setting for the user’s identity through the web site, by notice to the mail box responsablelopd@ixogrupo.com.
SUKALAT,  S.L. informs that it is responsible for the file and its owner, notwithstanding the fact that it may engage third parties for their treatment, to which the users expressly consent.
As regards the use of Cookies, SUKALAT,  S.L. informs the user that, when navigating through the different screens and pages of this Web site cookies are used, with the purposes of recognizing registered users and offering customized service, as well as providing information about the date or time of the visit, measuring some traffic parameters within the Web site and estimating the number of visits made, which allows SUKALAT, S.L. to inform, focus and adjust the services offered in the most effective way. The cookies used are stored in the user’s hard drive, but data contained therein or cookie files created by other suppliers cannot be read. The cookies used are not invasive or noxious, and they can be disabled through the corresponding option in the browser.
Our main concern is the safe storage of personal data which identify the user. We are extremely careful when transmitting the data from the user’s computer to our servers.
Only the employees needing to access the users’ data for the purposes of their duties have access to them. Any employee who violates our data protection and/or safety policies shall be subject to disciplinary action, including up to termination and filing civil and/or criminal actions.

© SUKALAT, S.L. All rights reserved.

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