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Las primeras palabras de la cocina

 Unai Ugalde · Dani Lasa · Andoni Luis Aduriz
 IXO editorial
No. of pages:
 22 x 22
 Binding: paperback, sewn with vegetable thread

After Foie-gras, Clorofilia and Bestiarium Gastronomicae, the fourth Mugaritz Gastronomy Notebook has been published. Las primeras palabras de la cocina (First words in cooking) offers the answers to many questions we did not dare to ask, for we considered that everyone knew the reply…

The aim of this little cooking glossary is to show a more complete view of cooking by means of a simple vocabulary decoding exercise - in other words, to figure out its mysteries by means of science, art and the rest of the materials that human knowledge has developed, so that the practice of a mutilated version of cooking is abandoned for good.

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